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Policy last revised 24th May 2013

This web site is owned and operated by BeliefMedia as a resource and tool for personal. BeliefMedia Pty Limited has a comprehensive privacy policy on our website that dictates our responsibilities as a publisher of information related web sites and provides a means of communication with us if you have any questions or queries about your interaction with any of our sites.

As a commercial provider of internet related services, we abide by the Australian National Privacy Principles. We conduct online trading in full accordance with Commonwealth privacy legislation and is mindful of the relevant laws affecting trade in different states and across international boundaries.

We have recorded various details about your access to this site but will only keep information long enough to identify users should our resources be intentionally abused.

The data and information made available at is provided as is and should not be relied upon as complete, accurate or up-to-date. The data available on this site should never ever be used for flight planning purposes. The data is compiled from various sources and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided. We cannot be held responsible for any loss as a result of using this site.

If a person volunteers their email address to our mailing list, they agree to receive a very light load of information from us via email from time to time. An option to remove yourself from the mailing list is located from the main page. Removal is instant and a final email is sent to you as verification that your email is no longer on our database. If your email currently exists on our mailing list, then you have previously volunteered it to us or one of our subsidiary trading partners. We will not share your email with anybody at any price. It will only ever be used by us.

We do not condone SPAM, or unsolicited email; and we actively engage in the fight against it. We keep a running commentary of all the mailings on our web site so persons can verify that the mail they have received has come from, and is authorised, by us.

We are not responsible for the privacy practices of (or the information on) websites that are linked to this site via hyperlinks, banner advertising or otherwise. Please take care at all times to check whose site you are visiting.

Every time a visitor 'clicks' on a Google sponsored Ad, we share a small commission with Google. This very small income is used to subsidise some of the costs associated with setting up this online service. When a user clicks on these, or any other sponsored link, they are deemed to have left our site and this privacy policy no longer applies.