Version History




24 May 2013
  • Site now managed by BeliefMedia Pty Ptd. Site now 0.1.1 (for internal use).
  • Enhanced search features coming soon with public API.
  • As one of our first websites built back in 2006, it didn't use best practice. The site will be taken offline as some point for massive code improvements and enhancements. There are a number of bugs that require serious attention.



12 Nov 2009
  • Moved to Waypoints.ws
  • Rewrote URL's & enhanced navigation/sitemap. More to come.



28 Dec 2007
  • Added Additional Google Map integration.
  • Added Australian Geographic placename database search



24 Nov 2007
  • Added Google Maps API to display Google map image with waypoint



9 Nov 2007
  • Released version 0.1 with very basic search functionality.
  • Searches Australian Airservices Australia database and renders relevant information.
  • To be implemented in the new flight.org web site with other similar searches.
  • PHP waypoint search code and MySQL dump available for free. Contact us.